My Goddaughter made this for me

Michael F Tuman and ALINA

2/11/20241 min read

(Verse 1)

In the heart of Chicago, where the city lights gleam,

Lives Michael, with stories that could fill a stream.

A retired cop, with a past in the army so bold,

And tales from the FBI, oh the stories he's told.


Oh, Michael, with your life so grand,

You've seen it all in this sprawling land.

From the streets of Chicago to battles afar,

Your life's like a novel, written under the stars.

(Verse 2)

With a badge on his chest and a gun on his hip,

He patrolled the streets, never lost his grip.

But now in retirement, with time on his hands,

He trades the beat for a pen, fulfilling new plans.


Oh, Michael, with your pen so true,

You write the tales of the red, white, and blue.

From the battles you fought to the cases you cracked,

Your words paint a picture, never lacking in tact.


Through the chaos of crime and the turmoil of war,

Michael stood tall, like a beacon on shore.

And now in his books, he relives it all,

A life well-lived, standing proud and tall.

(Verse 3)

So here's to Michael, with his stories so bright,

In the pages he writes, he finds his true light.

From the streets of Chicago to lands far and wide,

His legacy lives on, a remarkable ride.


Oh, Michael, your tales will endure,

In the hearts of many, forevermore.

With each word you pen, a chapter unfolds,

In the book of your life, with stories untold.