Down Home Corruption

In a Fictitious Alabama County

Main Characters

  • Joseph Kalisek, Retired Army Ranger now a teacher

  • Shirley Trilling (Nee Storm), Daughter of Peter Storm and wife of Ray Trilling

  • Peter Storm, Disabled and Disfigured Army Veteran, Tow Truck Driver

  • Raymond Trilling, Army Veteran, Tow Truck Driver

  • George, A Gentle Simple Giant Laborer

  • Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J Purple the Third, Little Tommie, County Commissioner, National Guard Battalion Commander and Commander of The Society of Southern Military Gentlemen

  • Ronald Brumble, Little Ronnie, Mayor of Capital City, executive Officer of The National Guard Battalion and Commander of the Appalachian Veterans

  • Donald Macdonald, Big Donnie, County Sheriff, Command Sergeant Major of the National Guard Battalion

  • Tyler, a wannabe cool guy.

   Three people have controlled one Alabama county since the War of Northern Aggression.  There are two classes of people in the county:  Those who are connected in some way to the families and those who simply want to work for themselves.  The former group is being fleeced by the first group.  It seems like a never ending cycle keeping some people in poverty and enriching the rest simply because of their influence.  The dynamics begin to change when two unrelated veterans move into the county.  Murder and revenge ensue.