An International Crime Thriller
A Fast Moving Crime Novel With a High Kill Count

Main Characters

  • Zoya, raised in Belorussian orphanage, prodigy programmer

  • Aaron, USA Trust fund military school orphan, power gamer

  • Big Lou, Mid Level USA Mob Boss

  • Frank Finesse, Leader of one of Big Lou's Crew

  • Little Joey, Big Lou's Nephew

  • Rodion, Mid Level Minsk Organized Crime Boss for Prostitution

  • Roskolnikov, Mid Level Investigator Minsk City Police

  • Ursus, Zoya's self appointed bodyguard

  • Gloria, Gaming Programmer prodigy and power gamer

  • FRIEND, Zoya's imaginary friend an extremely powerful machine learning program

     An international crime thriller where an orphan girl uses Artificial Intelligence to create social media Bots that cannot be detected. Her future husband, a trust fund orphan, creates gaming characters and avatars selling them to the highest bidder. He then virtually kills them off in the game to create more demand for his product. They are both tracked and chased down by organized crime in their own countries. It all comes to a head when they meet each other in person for the first time.

     This book has a lot to do with the current extent of today's virtual worlds. The Main question is what happens when old school criminals get mixed up with cyber scams.

     Zoya is a very tough girl raised in a state orphanage and given a very menial state job when she came of age. Counterpoint is Aaron the trophy child of older jet setting parents who sent him off to be raised at military school. His parent die when he is a young adult leaving him a significant trust.  Zoya is attempting to hide from the Minsk Mob for avoiding the street tax. Aaron sells virtual characters to the wrong people.

     The adventure comes to a head when Zoya and Aaron finally meet in person in the real world. I will leave it to the reader to decide which is more dangerous virtual or real world violence.