A Novel of Super Police and Not So Super Heroes and Villains

The Greatest Power Is To Cancel Power

Main Characters

  • Przemyslaw Skarżyński, Detective, Chief Scary

  • Gloria, Detective, Chief's Partner

  • Giselle, Detective, Chiefs Partner

  • Kristen, Detective, Chief's Partner

  • The Justifier, A Super-enabled human acting as a Superhero

  • The Red Blur, A Super-enabled human acting as a Supervillain

  • Hiram Shapiro, Attorney for The Justifier and The Red Blur

  • Mrs Veronika Petrauskas, The Merry Widow, Chief's landlord

  • Unnamed IAD Agent

  • Joseph Kalisek, Chief's Friend

  • Paul Bervid, Chief's Attorney

   My youngest asked me, “What is your super power?” She already knew I was a superhero of sorts, well at least to her. That is all I ever need to be.

   I thought about it and replied, “I am immune to all other super powers. They don’t work on me.” An easy claim as so far as I know I have never encountered and super-powered heroes or villains. I explained, “In my presence “Superman” would be normal. Sure he would be bulked out but I have fought those guys before, all bulk no skill. Non of “Ironman’s” super tech gadgets would work. “Prof X” couldn’t read my brain ect ect ect.

I had an idea for a new non-super super hero. I wish I had the skills to draw a comic book but I don’t so I had to rely on the purely written word novel format instead. The character known as Chief Scary needed a nemesis. The Immortal Australopithecus. He was the source of Homosapien supers by accidentally passing on his DNA. Some Sapiens after thousands of years developed probable human super powers. Chief now had a rouges gallery he didn't even know about. He even had side kicks, his immensely talented partners “The Ladies of Justice”!