Spirit Cleansing Service

Demons Torture The Dead But Who Tortures The Demons

Main Characters

  • Paul, Husband to Marla

  • Marla, Paul's Wife

  • Father Malcomb, Retired Army Chaplain

  • M35A2, Deuce and a half

   In this Novel a married couple has bonded together over their faith. When most couples are going on cruises or romantic foreign getaways, Paul and Marla travel the United States seeking out old forgotten and neglected cemeteries that have become the abodes of some demons who were attracted there by the plethora of damned souls.

   Each vignette explains how the tormented souls whom the demons torture and feed upon arrived at their fate. This is a battle between the seven deadly sins represented by the damned souls with their demons and the seven virtues that Paul and Marla use as weapons against these demons.