My honest efforts.

Michael F. Tuman

1/4/20242 min read

   After thinking about it for a while I am kind of disappointed. I mean, I have done most everything to make the FBI's top 100 Domestic Terrorist list. A simple accident of birth and I was already a straight white male from a family of a married father and mother. I was well on my way with this head start. I got a push when I was baptized Catholic and went to a private catholic school for which my working class parents struggle to pay the tuition for me and my siblings. I got various crappy jobs during high school and I paid a percentage of my meager pay in taxes. I've been paying taxes and into SSI for over 46 years I would think that was enough dues to get on the list. I even want to step further and actually graduated high school. I can read and comprehend on the highest level.

   I guess my early life wasn’t suspicious enough to get me a place on the list so I joined the army and served 38 years with five deployments to hazard to combat joint zones with multiple less dangerous overseas trips. During one of these deployments I joined the Knights of Columbus, the dreaded “K-Cs” I'm surprised then and there they didnt pull my clearance, arrest me, and send me to GITMO.

   Still I had to make sure the FBI knew I was a patriot. The current euphemism they are using for nationalist white supremacist, which itself is a euphemism for domestic terrorist, so I joined American Legion and the VFW Still the feds have showed no interest in me.

   My civilian career should've really gotten me noticed by the FBI as I was a Chicago Police Detective, you know those actual law enforcement people that the FBI puts away in prison for doing the exact same thing the FBI is proud of itself for doing. I even told several of their agents to pound sand. I guess they thought that the rules and regulations the Chicago Police Department would keep me under wraps. I retired to let them know I was no longer fettered by the so-called rules. I even broke ranks with the City and Feds shill organization the FOP.

   All along I sent my kids to private school, enjoying none of the benefits of paying property taxes speaking of which I never missed the paying property tax payment nor mortgage payment.

   Finally in a fit of desperation I became a lifetime member of the NRA. All to no avail. So far as I know I am not at risk of being “Renditioned”. I wish I had made it to DC as a simple tourist on Jan 6th but that ship has sailed. If only some agent had contacted me and let me know.

   With the current administration prosecuting political dissidents, anyone who didn’t vote for them, and letting thousands of actual criminals and foreign terrorists into our country to become Domestic Terrorists how am I going to compete. COME ON MAN