A Christmas Combat Story

What May Have Happened After The Shepherds Saw The Christ Child

Main Characters

  • James the eldest shepherd

  • John the brother of James also a shepherd

  • Luke the orphaned cousin of James and John

   Well Christmas has a lot of untold stories. Everyone that has worked as a first-responder or been deployed to a desolated area of the world and been on field duty on Christmas eve has their own story. I think the Shepherds were very underrated and need a legend of their own. On Christmas Eve the shepherds would have been the closest persons to become unlikely heroes. It was the Shepherds. They are the only ones on that night to whom the Angel of the Lord appeared. They were the only ones who saw the heavenly host. Other than witnessing the existence of the Christ Child did God have another mission in mind for them? This is the story of what may have happened as the shepherds returned to the flocks. The story is not meant to be a prophecy. I did not do any in depth study of the scripture to prove a thesis. It is merely me putting the imagination on paper. I still have the romanticism of a 13-year-old.