The Immortal Australopithecus

How To Escape The Destruction Of The Earth

Main Characters

  • Glog son of Glot, Owner of GLOG corp, The Immortal Australopithecus

  • GLOG Corp. Global Logistics Operating Giant

  • Miss Rose Smith, Head of HRC for GLOG Corp, Only Super on Payroll

  • Marcella Veronica Krause, Ward of the State Hired By GLOG

  • Christopher Bogdan Soroka, Dishonorably Discharged Soldier

  • Steven, Steve, Ward of The State Hired by GLOG

  • Gloria, Grizzly, Construction Foreman for GLOG

  • Brillante and Phillipe, Nationless orphans adopted by the nation ofGlog Island

  • Henry and Walter, GLOG Corp Frontmen, Aides to Glog

   I decided to try my hand at Science Fiction. I had a character Glog the Immortal Australopithecus from a previous Novel “CHIEF SCARY AND HIS LADIES OF JUSTICE”. Glog was supposed to be the ultimate Arch Villain but things worked out otherwise. He was immensely rich because of his pets the Homo Sapiens. Glog’s fear of Chief Scary caused him to create his own space program; the byproducts of which were even more wealth. His patience based on long life was his strength. I think when you do not over complicate a problem it becomes easier to solve. My mother said “If its a problem you can throw money at then it isn’t a problem. Enjoy my story of everyday astronauts.