A Dark Comedy

A Series of Crime Vignettes Based on Actual Investigations

Main Characters

  • Delashawnte, the brains behind the crime fighting Trio

  • Ricardo, the driving force due his powered chair

  • Tammy, the feminine member of the team

I was driving the unmarked past the Cabrini Green high rise housing projects. I just made a left onto Clybourne when I saw an interesting caravan. Heading Northwest on Clybourne was a person in a powered wheel chair. Behind him was another person in a wheel chair holing on and again one more person in a wheel chair being towed along. It is something you don’t see everyday.

I began to think about what type of adventures could this trio be having. I decided like myself these were crime fighters. Being the third of the Month it was payday for them just like the thousands of people on SSI living in nursing homes in Chicago this is the day they received their thirty dollar stipend the rest of the money going into the coffers of the nursing home conglomerates. Fat with cash they broke out of their lair to payback society for payment received. These are some of their adventures, based on actual investigations.

I worked in the Special Victims Unit (SVU) of the Chicago Police Department Detective Division from 2003 to 2017. It was the one of the best hidden secrets of the Detective Division next to the defunct Auto Theft Unit. The Special Victim’s Unit focused on Juvenile, Domestic, Missing Persons and Elder abuse among other things. Believe it or not by the Detective Department Special Order we also were required to investigate all treason cases. Many of our cases involved Group Homes and Nursing Homes. I had a front row seat for a life time’s worth corruption, incompetence, greed and lack of human compassion.