The Haitian Vacation

Two Dead Men Get A New Chance On Life

Main Characters

  • Jon Rumbowl/Jon Kasperowicz, Sergeant First Class Special Forces/Psyops

  • General Bassman, Jon's military Godfather

  • Natasha Newman, Natalie, Jon's manager, Sergeant Major's daughter

  • Lieutenant Alvira, Aide De Camp to General Bassman

  • Lieutenant Bambi, Aide De Camp to General Bassman

  • Lieutenant Gloria, Aide De Camp to General Bassman

  • Captain Deasle, Army Reserve Psyops Officer

  • Major Trey Tyler Bytme the Third, Pigeon Holed Special Operations Officer

  • Reginald Dooley Junior, Leader of The Outlanders MC Gang

  • Charlene Rey Dunford, Chrissy, Dooley's main squeeze

   I started writing this novel back in 1994 when we invaded Haiti for “Operation Restore Democracy”. The half finished work sat lost on a couple 3.5 inch floppy disks. When the “Author Bug or Therapy Writing” caught me I decided to finish it. Its a bit dated and Fort Bragg has changed a lot since then. I wanted to give the character a worthy ending.

   This comic book style novel follows the misadventures of Jon Rumbowl, a former Special Forces Soldier who is called back into a Psychological Operations unit with the special mission of identifying the ratlines for narcotics coming in to the United States through Haiti. Can he maintain his cover among his new less than hard core comrades? Will he be able to learn the new skill sets to fit in?