Blue Has No Feelings

Promise Made...
Promise Kept.

Main Characters

  • Officer Igor Siroka

  • Sergeant Frank, Igor's supervisor

  • Officer Isabella Valdez, Igor's Trainee

  • Officer Chad Batzel Jr. , Academy mate of Isabella

  • Veronica, a junkie prostitute

  • Darius Funches, Lilpecker, low level street thug

  • Charles Carmichael, Igor's defense attorney

  • Sergeant Burch, Internal Affairs Agent

  • James Roberts, Private Investigator

  • Ethel Simon, the lady who saw everything

   I had the first line of this book for over 25 years before I wrote it. “There were 273 churches in the 11th District and not one bridal shop.” It is the story of an old veteran police officer nearing retirement. He loses his partner, then is forced to train two young recruits. He is involved in a shooting and needs to fight for his job while maintaining his dignity.  

   What is it that makes some people so angry with the police? Why do movies make so much money portraying a police officer as tough, fearless but above all brutal in his quest for justice? It is a sure-fire formula for some action hero actor to make fantastic sums of money. Those same celebrities in their real personas decry the same type of policing they portray. Other celebrities make their treasure glorifying criminals and crime, however; you never hear them denouncing that same crime.