The Unknown Heir
The Greatest Treasure is Not Wanting Treasure

Main Characters

  • Jasper Simmons, Spoton, The unknown Heir

  • Norma Gene Abernathy, Aka Grace Simmons, Jaspers Mother, Half Twin Sister to Lucien Robert Abernathy III

  • Lucien Abernathy III, younger half twin brother of Norma Gene Abernathy

  • Gene (Zumwalt) Abernathy Mother of Norma and Lucien

  • Lucien Robert Abernathy II, father of Norma Gene

  • Mr and Mrs Gerald and Sophie Simmons, brother and sister parents of Grace Simmons

  • Dylan Ransom, friend of Lucien III

  • Gilberto Elizando, County Sheriff

  • Gloria, Gilberto's Deputy and Girl Friday

  • Virgil Small, attorney for Sheriff Elizando

   This is the story of long game revenge. A young woman watches her working class parents destroyed by the financial steam roller of the super rich. She plans to not only seize the fortune of her family's nemesis but also to turn that family's legacy into hers.

   Her own prodigy come into conflict and years later. Another family is resurrected from the graveyard. Both these families, one very rich and the other dirt poor, become intertwined in a battle for vindication.

   The secondary hero of this novel stays true to a family he was barely part of and defends their honor.

Greed and Entitlement verses self sufficiency and humility.