Temporarily for Hire Ugly Godfather

Vigilante Justice Will Be The Only Justice

Main Characters

  • Marion Antinis, Private Investigator, Body Guard

  • Tatiana, Marion's illegal alien girlfriend

  • Barbara, Marion's moral compass

  • Mike, Marion's body guard client

  • Delmonte Jones, Pedophile pimp exconvict

  • J. O'Leary, Senior FBI agent investigating Marion

  • Paul Bervid, Marion's attorney

   As a retired Policeman and Army Officer I am asked what is the best gun for self defense. I reply with first you must honestly ask yourself this, “Would you be willing to pull the trigger and kill another human being without hesitation.” If you cannot answer this question positively then you should not carry a firearm. I explain that if you are going to defend yourself from an attacker know that a certain percentage will not be intimidated. Either they are crazy or they do not care. If you delay because of moral thoughts or liability worries the attacker will simply disarm you and likely kill you. Then he will go on killing with your weapon that you basically bought for him.

   The famous types are worried about their reputations and civil liability. They like their money. That is why they hire armed and highly bonded security as a cut out. On their own they would flinch and die. But if you need to hire someone to get justice for you then consider hiring someone like Marion Antinis the Thug PI. If your cause is just by his standards he will make things right.