Bring Our Memories Home
A Military Action Novel about the worlds most average soldier
  • Private Charles George, Charlie, The Kid

  • Sergeant First Class Joseph Kalinski, Platoon Daddy

  • Sergeant Robert Lukowski, Bob, Wrenches

  • Corporal Steven Formosa, Doc

  • Specialist Monk, Monk

  • Specialist Jeff Shaun, Joker

  • Specialist Thomas Hoff, Professor

  • Private Lisle Grayton, Safe Cracker

  • Private Jasper Simmons, Spoton

  • Private Gilberto Gonzalez, Gonzo

  • Private Fransico Medina, Frankthebank

  • Private Bubba Little, Muscles

  • Hamza the Terrorist Team Leader

  • Captain Farooq, Pakistani Police Official

Main Characters

  Charlie is an average Guy in an extraordinary platoon of outcasts and misfits. He must use everything he knows to survive in a harsh cross-country trek through Afghanistan. He is one against many maybe even his own.

   At first I was going to title this novel "GHOSTPLATOON" but that sounded way to cliche. as you read the novel you will see how that title would be more appropriate than other works by the same name. I liked writing about Charlie. He fell into one of the military's most proliferate iconic categories that of the average service member, nothing special. The other characters fall into the other main categories: The Leader, The Fixer, The Scrounger, The Doc, The Muscle, The Brains, The Comedian, The Sniper, The Money Man. There are more categories, but they are just subcategories of these.

   All the rest of the soldiers who fall into the average have to have a little bit of all these characters within them. How they use these traits really determines how well they do in their careers be it short or lifelong. The military teaches you many skills above and beyond your specific job title that stay with you your entire life.