A Story of Police

Political Sociopaths
Are The Worst

Main Characters

  • Stanislaw Kazimir Dombrowski, Stan, Officer Dombrowski

  • Basia Dombrowski, Stan's Wife

  • Angelo, Stan's Partner

  • Lisandro Gutierrez, Alderman 25th Ward

  • Jamie, Alderman Guiterez's community organizer, drug dealer, gang member

  • Paul Bervid, Stan's defense attorney

  • Steve Ambrose, Private Detective

  • Lupe, Jamie's girlfriend, The girl who saw and heard everything

   My first Novel published November 4th 2019. A young police officer at the start of his career is given a label by the bosses.  He has to fight to keep his job and get his reputation back. He makes it back only to have the label return to haunt him. Will the truth ever come out. Says a lot about how the police are under everyone’s microscope.

   The characters are fictional although they may be very similar in physical and moral description to people I may have known in this world. The story line is fictional although in the recent past the media and politicians have ganged up on the police officers in this country and un-apologetically slandered them. If the high and mighty can get away with destroying the average guy in furtherance of their own agenda, they will continue to destroy until the only thing left undamaged is their selves.